Human rhythms

A group of very diverse human beings each expressing themselves in a different way such as dancing, singing, doing exercise, working, crafting, painting, chatting, digital art style

Unboxable hug

Folded elbows, straight back and good posture
raised by following rules and rituals
where judgment was called for any gesture
for long enough that seemed habitual

But you cannot put a hug in a box
so by twenty they opened their arms wide
gentle and mellow like a silky fox
embracing all without needing a guide

But doubts stays with us all along the way
syndromes and targets mixing up jointly
bulky flesh dissociate us away
for gentle refrains from being bluntly

My new friend they said, after a short chat
after having held my spirit鈥檚 back

Curl of love

Shine over the dark night of the desert
eyes that are both the stars and the whole sky
can connect us with effortless exert
to the ancestral tie that needs no why

When same gaze follows the lines of the world
they extend harmoniously prolonged
twirling like an emergent spicy curl
that wraps around pictures but doesn鈥檛 bond

Of love, countless of flavours there have been
airy, earthly, motherly and serene
a delightful set she maintains within
looking after it like the proudest queen

wildly hops around holding intention
tying roots and now in one dimension

Psychoactive girl

Countless spirits the universe has known
yet one exists that never fail to awe
showing what seems to be force of her own
yet is from everything that she withdrawn

Some wants to give her anything they can
others want to dive the depths of her folds
on boring days you feel silently drawn
on the shiny ones your whole world she holds

Melts your unconscious in reality
substance which is both above and below
resonant bird of finest quality
unknown, if she will make me grow or glow

I held in arms the most genuine girl
with eyes that turned my mind into a twirl

Rebirthing god

You stand, oh marvellous rebirthing god
on legs that walk on steady irony ground
You greet incoming eyes with a poised nod
We’ve got this, I hear from your gaze’s sound

Contracted, fractured, flaky and fragile
we all feel that way when the earth trembles
and even when we strongly try to smile
others hear the echoes of the shambles

But that’s okay, is all I want to say
because your heart is big and generous 
Tough emotions on that you overlay
making your own way earnestly ominous

You shine, oh marvellous rebirthing god
giving me the grace to bask in your laud

Fur Anita

In the grey forest where the strangers hide
I saw princely gemstones lighting darkness
I discovered that eyes can be a guide
when they reveal behind them a goddess

In the red forest where introverts dance
I saw us slowly make strength out of grace
learn to hold our stance without trance
and celebrate that which leaves no trace

In the white forest of the desires
I see you becoming a nightly owl
deliver messages and plug wires
and help muted wolves tune into their howl

I adore you my wonderful amica
as the cosmos chants of neat Anita


Sat in the library, still studying
when a smiling young man approaches me
I see a flimsy fear in his feeling
yet he creates a comfortable we

He asks many questions, thoughtful and deep
a sage or a hero I seems to be
then another topic, another leap
now I am a puppy and so is he

Lulled himself with multiple perspectives
he juggles positive and negative
and sets new self-transforming directives
to be more sensitive and lucrative

when there will be chance to redefine man
I will ask him to come over and jam


Can you feel the power of your muscles
as you walk steady on the breezing field
assuring that the clan has no troubles
using strength born to embody a shield

Some of us you check with a special care
even when they are lost into their heads
they benefit from your need to be there
weaving shared moments into golden threads

Attentively repeating your routine
making variations, keeping it light
finding more harmony and feeling seen
movements becoming naturally right

I wonder if your wisdom is timeless
I wonder if time exists when thoughtless

Vanessa’s voice note

Every other word, a little sound
you seem so purely joyful and at ease
like a child sorting through lost and found
or a breeze ruffing the leaves of the trees

What happened to the suffer and the grief
that echos up from the depths of your eyes
did you hide it under the rocks of the reef
or fed it bit by bit to shameless flies

The best teacher is curiosity
but when is busy, I would ask for you
and your nurturing gracious quality
that makes me feel I am one of a few

I barely know you and have no choice
but to admit that the real poem is your voice

Father train

I sit on a train, tired and warm inside
orderly, reliable, strong and firm
I feel grateful for this supporting ride
and admiring how it can keep so stern

It goes back and forth without much to ask
other than to keep journeying along
and to step up to carry your own task
developing a way to be as strong

Thank your father train to constantly pull
us to keep on the tracks and in control
of timid caring esteem I feel full
even when I go for a gentle stroll

I wonder other marvels you may do
once stopped and unleashed to imagine too

Rich & Nati

Collaborative work with Yingchen Liu

Walking down the path leading to their home
we feel the outreach of their energy
people play games at the edge of their zone
wherever they planted their synergy

He sits in the centre where he can shine
like a pyramid angry at the divine
She circles around, hops from floor to door
like an onion caring around the core

She peels the layers curious and calm
sheltered by him from the pecking order
then tends the wild plants with an open palm
helping life to emerge from the border

He sits confident perfecting his thread
while dreaming of a dog chasing the waves
Divided he attends what’s in his head
alongside his mellow and tender craves

He stays, she moves and both need the other
as polished and raw both want a lover